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Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name LD
Certification ISO CE
Min.Order Quantity 5 Set/Sets
Price US $1,000 - 1,500/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 500 Set/Sets per Month

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Brief introduction of Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine in shandong microwave machinery co.,ltd.
Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd.Barley Dehuller and separating equipmentcan cleaning, de-hulling, removing shells, separating, re-separating, etc. Barley Dehuller and separating equipment will be returned to the dehuller for re-hulling again automatically by Barley Dehuller and separating equipmentmaterials-returning system, thus automation degree has been greatly improvedmachine with little percentage broken kernels rate and separate seed from shell in high rate , machine with automatic feeding of seeds, and easy operation and maintenance.
Component of barley dehuller and separating equipment
Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine is consisted of the following eight parts: Hopper, Material Hoist, Muti-functional Impurities Remover, Bucket Elevator, Hulling Machines(4 sets), Vibrating Conveying and Separating Machine, Wind-recycling Unshelled Materials System and Controller Cabinet

Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine

Introduction:This machine is mainly adapted in small grain workshop. Scientific design; three clutches. The machine can reach the purpose that the three devices can work independent or together.

The corn grain machinery can process the corn for cleaning, peeling, separating the germ, crushing, grading, making grits, polishing and selecting etc.

Not only can process the corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, soybeans and other grains.

Mainly suitable for the rural and urban workshops for processing the food.

This machine works with hulling corn machine,the corn kernel are divided into big grits,

middle grits and corn flour,removing the tiny peel or skin in grits.

It’s one kind of multifunctional corn milling machine,which not only can process corn/wheat into flour but also make corn grits;

The users can get the get the finished product with different size by changing sieves according to demands.

This kind of flour making machine is applied widely in small model flour workshop and grain processing industry .

Easy to operate and clean;Saving energy and labors.


1.Multi-functional(the machine is suitable for processing corn,wheat,sorghum and soybean etc grains;Which can make flour and corn grits according to requirements)

2.High effective and applied widely

3.Low cost and high quality

4.Wide market

5.Small floor area and easy to control

6.Whole machine has tight structure and durable

7. They are our unique machines with our patent peeling and milling technology.

8. Unrivaled peeling efficiency and performance, removing corn skin, corn germ,final output is in consistent color without any black dot. Corn grits are best in color and taste.

9. You can adjust the Fineness wheel on the right of the machine to get any sizes of corn grits depending on different market.

10.The after-sale services can be guaranteed for customers.

Technical parameters:


Capacity (Kg/h)

Power (Kw)

Weight (Kg)

Dimension (mm)


For corn peeling: 300;

Corn grinding: 1000;

Corn flour: 350;

Wheat peeling: 400



2200 * 600 * 1200


1.Ask:What is your guarantee of machine ?
Answer:usually our guarantee is 1 years.

2.Ask:About the machine voltage or power of machine

Answer:Usually in our country is 220v,50hz, single phase , or 380v, 50hz, 3 phase .if you have the special requirement , pls tell us, we will vetify the voltage according to your requirement.

3.Ask:how to install the machine ?

we can intrust the install the machine by vedio, email ,picture.....if large project , we can arrange the worker help you to install it in your country .

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Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine Customer Visitation

Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine Contact Information Welcome to contact us ,and we are willing to give you detailed explain and suggestions! ---AliceSpecial Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine

Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a Barley Dehuller and separating equipment factory specializing in the production of Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine, scientific research, manufacturing,installation, commissioning.Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd.can provide Barley Dehuller and separating equipmentcustomers with design and services of 1-2000 tons Special Design Corn /Wheat Flour/Grits/Making Machine. Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. have finished hundreds of successful projects Barley Dehuller and separating equipmentover the years: peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil,cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, animal oil,grape seed oil, acer truncatum oil, peony seed oil, walnut oil, hemp seed oil, pine oil, tea seed oil, papaya oil, milk thistle seed, and other special type Barley Dehuller and separating equipmentoil. Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. have independent
import and export department. Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. Barley Dehuller and separating equipmentequipment has been successfully exported to more than ten countries: Russia, Australia, India, Afghanistan, Cameroon,and so on.
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