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50 Microwave KW microwave hempseeds inactivate treatment equipment

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LD
Certification CE ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $24,500 - 25,000/ Set
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50 KW microwave hempseeds inactivate treatment equipment

The chia seeds sterilized by the mcirowave equipment, raised up the quality, and kill worm eggs in the dater so that extended shelf life.

Make the seeds lost of activation. Export to China markets.

The chia seeds treated by our microwave equipment test by the SGS, the germination rate---"0".

So that, if you want export the chia seeds to China, you can try to treat the chia seeds use our microwave equipment treat it.

How does the microwave equipment inactivate for the chia seeds?

1. The heating effect of the microwave energy: in a certain intensity under the action of microwave field, insects and bacteria in food experience by molecular polarization, absorption of microwave energy to heat up, making it the protein denaturation, lose their biological activity.Plays a role of quick heat sterilization microwave thermal effect mainly.

2. The biological effect of microwave energy: high frequency electric field makes the membrane potential, polar molecule structure change, make the protein and physiological active substances in microbial mutation, and loss of energy or death.In sterilization by conventional physical sterilization no special effect, is also one reason for killing bacteria.

3. The microwave sterilization, keeping fresh is the result of the combination of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect.Therefore, microwave sterilization temperature is lower than the conventional method, under normal circumstances, the conventional method of sterilization temperature to 120 ℃ to 130 ℃, time of about 1 hour, and microwave sterilization temperature to 70 ℃ to 105 ℃, only about 90-90 seconds.

What is the structure microwave equipment ?

Microwave heating sterilization device includes the following parts:

1. Produce microwave parts, mainly by the microwave generator, microwave tube;

2. The furnace and furnace cavity, with reflective microwave materials, can produce a microwave resonance;

3. The furnace and microwave agitation or dispersion device;

4. The sealing door parts, to prevent microwave leak;

5. Operation control part includes safety interlocks.

Now mass produced microwave equipment mainly is tunnel type with the conveyor belt.

The advantage of the microwave sterilize equipment:

1, sterilizing time is short,

Conventional thermal sterilization is through the heat conduction, convection and radiation way would transmit the heat from food surface to inner.To achieve the sterilization temperature, often take a long time.Microwave sterilization is microwave can and food and its bacteria and other microorganisms direct interaction, the combination of thermal effect and non-thermal effect, achieve rapid warming antiseptic effect, shorten processing time, and the sterilization effect of various materials in commonly 3 to 5 minutes.

2, low temperature sterilization keep nutrients and traditional flavor.

Sterilization is through special heat and non-thermal effect of microwave sterilization, compared with conventional thermal sterilization, can be in lower temperature and shorter time can get the required disinfection sterilization effect.Practice shows that in general the sterilization temperature at 75-80 ℃ can reach the effect, in addition, the microwave processing of food can keep more nutrients and flavor, such as colour, fragrance, taste and shape and expansion effect.Such as conventional thermal processing vegetables retain vitamin C is 46-50%, and microwave treatment is 60-90%, conventional heating pork liver vitamin A is 58%, and the microwave heating is 84%.

3, save energy

Conventional thermal sterilization often exists in the environment and equipment heat loss, and microwave is directly in the food processing, so no additional heat loss.In addition, the conversion efficiency of the electrical energy to microwave energy in 70-80%, by contrast, can generally be electricity saving 30-50%.

4, sterilizing for the produce surface and internal all at the same time

Conventional thermal sterilization starts from the material surface, and then spread through heat conduction to internal, temperature difference between inside and outside.In order to keep food flavor, shorten processing time, often food without enough internal temperature and the effect of sterilization effect.As the microwave penetration, food processing, the whole surface and internal all at the same time by role, so uniform and disinfection sterilization, thoroughly.

5, easy to control

Microwave food sterilization process, the equipment can out-of-the-box, no thermal inertia of conventional thermal sterilization, convenient operation and microwave power can continuous adjustable from zero to rated power, transmission speed continuous adjustment from scratch, easy to control.

6, no need other relative equipment for help.

Compared with the conventional disinfection sterilization, microwave sterilization equipment, do not need to boiler, complex pipe system, coal yard and transport vehicles, just need electricity.

7, improved working conditions, the saved space.

Equipment working environment temperature is low, the noise is small, greatly improve the working conditions.A complete set of microwave equipment operator only 2-3 people.

What this equipment can do except for sterilizing/drying the red chilli powder:

Microwave sterilizer widely used in spices, dried beef, pork products, fish fillet, sauce fontanelle meat, duck, chicken and other products of thermalization, drying and sterilization.

Meat products after microwave sterilization, its freshness, tenderness and flavor all intact, health indicators can be below the national food hygiene standard completely, shelf storage time can reach 1 to 2 months, the successful application of microwave sterilization for meat, fresh keeping technology, from the original freshness date 3 days, extended to 1 to 2 months, has been to increase the achievements of the technology to a new stage.

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