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Easy to handle High oil rate castor bean seeds oil extraction machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name QIE
Certification ISO9001-2008
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets soybean oil pressing machine
Price US $5,000 - 12,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month coconut oil pressing machine

Product Features

easy to handle high oil rate castor bean seeds oil extraction machine

According to the difference of alkali thickness and oil temperature, the process of 1-20TPD Small Scale Oil Refining Lineis divided into two types, one is low temperature with thick alkali (its initial temperature is 20 ~ 30 ℃, alkali thickness is 20 ~ 30 Be) and another one is high temperature with light alkali (its initial temperature is 75 ℃, alkali thickness is 10 to 16 Be). The former of Easy to handle High oil rate castor bean seeds oil extraction machineis generally applied and the latter is mainly used for crude oil which has low acid value, light clour and lustre, and less impurity.
1. What is the soybean oil pretreatment of 1-20TPD Small Scale Oil Refining Line?
Soybean→Materials dosing →Magnetic separation→Cleaning→crusher→flaker→ Extrusion Puffing →Counter-current
drying→To leaching plant
2. What is the soybean oil solvent extraction of Easy to handle High oil rate castor bean seeds oil extraction machine?
Material embryos→Extraction→Wet meal→Evaporation→Cooling→Product meal packing
Mixed oil→Filter→Negative pressure evaporation → Crude oil

Easy to handle High oil rate castor bean seeds oil extraction machine

Screw Type Soybean oil pressing machine|Peanut oil pressing plant

Product Description

6YL series multifuction mini oil press machine is a new reseach improvement product of our company. This kind of machine adopts micro-electrical control, filter system, muti-stage press, the product oil is the clean oil after filtering. After over 30 years research and development, we've obtained the Top Influential Manufacturers Qualification In Oil Pressing Machinery China.

Inside Structures:

Technical Parameters

Specifications of 6-YL series oil pressing machine







Screw speed


30-40 r/min

30-40 r/min

28-40 r/min

28-40 r/min

Boundary demension(mm)






Handing capacity






Main engine






Vacuum pump












Available raw material & Its oil rate

Oil Press Technology

Oil Processing Technology

Attention: Our Company pay attention to Customer's Profit, we totally customized the perfect line according to each customer's situation.

Unique Advantages

Five Unique Advantages

  • This machine has the advantages of small volume and less land occupation; the operation is easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, and needs not particular requirements to the operator.
  • This machine can save 50% power compared with stone mill.
  • This machine belongs to hydraulic oil press, and it has many advantages, such as high-pressure, high oil ratio, and the oil of final product is very clean.
  • This machine adopts full automatic control system, and no matter the preheat temperature or the pressure of hydraulic system, it is all automatic control.
  • This machine can be moved very easily.

Customer Visiting

Customer Visiting Our Factory

Delivering Management

Overseas Project

Our Achievement-Project In Overseas

After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

1. Pre-sale services:

1) Selecting equipment type;

2) Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements of the clients;

3) Training technical personnel for our clients;

4) Providing construction and technology consultations or working out proper construction schemes for those new, special or difficult projects

2. Services provided during the sale:

Respect our clients; present the clients with ease, relaxation and a surprise; devote ourselves to improve the total value of our clients.

1) Checking products acceptance ahead of delivery;

2) Introducing the service system to our clients.

3. After-sale services:

Improve the added value of our products, and let the clients free from the using troubles:

1) Assisting the clients preparing for the first construction scheme;

2) Installing and testing the equipments;

3) Training the first-line operators on site.

Our Certificates

Noted: We're devoted to applying for more 10 Items Patent Certificates based on our Techinical Department Research & Development in 2017.

ELDibition Overseas

In order to our customer's better experience and communicating. Every year we'll attend eLDibition hold by different countries, we meet our customer and show them our machines and get their requirement face to face. Then Customized the line for them.

Company Information

Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd is a company specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery and equipment, scientific research, manufacturing, sales for the integration of large-scale private enterprises.

Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd Main Business:

• 10-500T/H oil material first cleaning, drying and storage section turn-key project;
• 100-3000 T/D oil pretreatment, shelling and pre-press workshop turnkey project (soybean hot peeling, bean skin crushing; the soybean extrusion, high oil contained pre-press cake extrusion, and high oil contained embryos puffed of direct puffed). Rice bran production line turn-key project;
• Leaching workshop turnkey project (Drag chain extractor, Rotocel extractor, loop type extractor, DTDC separated machine, the full negative pressure evaporation, paraffin wax recovery, leaching workshop degum, phospholipid concentrate);
• 30-1000T/D oil continuous grade two or one physical (chemical) refining production line;
• 10-600T/D sunflower oil, rice bran oil, corn germ oil dewaxing turn-key project;
• 10-200T/D Fatty acid esterification production cooking oil production line;
• 1-100T/H Palm Oil Mill Turn-key Plant.

If you have any questions about our machine, do not hesitate to tell us. Send your inquiry now, then the rest things let us do for you!

Shandong Microwave Machinery Co., a 1-20TPD Small Scale Oil Refining Line factory specializing in the production of Easy to handle High oil rate castor bean seeds oil extraction machine, scientific research,manufacturing,installation, commissioning.Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd.can provide 1-20TPD Small Scale Oil Refining Linecustomers with design and services of 1-2000 tons Easy to handle High oil rate castor bean seeds oil extraction machine. Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. have finished hundreds of successful projects 1-20tpd small scale oil refining lineover the years: peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, animal oil,grape seed oil, acer truncatum oil, peony seed oil, walnut oil, hemp seed oil, pine oil, tea seed oil, papaya oil, milk thistle seed, and other special type 1-20TPD Small Scale Oil Refining Lineoil. Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. have independent import and export department. Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. 1-20TPD Small Scale Oil Refining Lineequipment has been successfully exported to more than ten countries: Russia, Australia, India, Afghanistan, Cameroon,and so on.

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