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baling machine cardboard baling press machine waste paper baling machine used clothing baling machine baling machine for sale

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baling machine cardboard baling press machine waste paper baling machine used clothing baling machine baling machine for sale from Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. provide high-performance testing over a wide range of applications of baling machine cardboard baling press machine waste paper baling machine used clothing baling machine baling machine for sale. From prototyping to durability testing to product component screening, the Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. baling machine cardboard baling press machine waste paper baling machine used clothing baling machine baling machine for saleproduct is designed to meet quality standards while offering flexibility, uniformity, and control accuracy for cost-effective testing.
Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. test chambers perform both high and low temperature tests. Many of Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd. have a temperature range of -70°C to +150°C . Temperature/Humidity models are equipped with a reliable, accurate, and efficient full range humidity system capable of simulating conditions from 20% to 98% RH.
Key Features of agricultural instrument:
With Viewing Window
With thermostats (prevent overheat)
Cable Ports(50 or 100mm diameter)
With Data Storage on SD Flash Card
Protection (MCCB circuit protection, phase protection, overheat, overcurrent etc)
Cartridge Type Water Tank
Adjustable Shelf
Auto-Water Refill Valve and filter

baling machine cardboard baling press machine waste paper baling machine used clothing baling machine baling machine for sale

Cotton baler also known as cotton baler hydraulic packer, which has a novel structure, high technology content, good rigidity and stability, high degree of automation, attractive appearance, energy-saving features. This machine is the top type, so cotton pollution. The oil is simple, easy operation and maintenance, safe and reliable. Master cylinder with double pump oil, high flow quickly into a bag, etc., is mechanical, electrical, fluid integration reached the international advanced level of new products.

Mainly applied to lint, fiber, cotton waste, bulk and soft cotton fibers (flax wool) and other packaging machine double box continuously, uninterrupted feed, high packing efficiency, the use of the operator, automatic degree. the economy is good for the water table areas.

Structure and working principle

This machine is dual-wheel hydraulic cotton press box, which consists of a host, hydraulic system, electrical control systems, auxiliary equipment and other components.

Host structure

Host from the rack, pack boxes, step press components.

Rack from the central axis and connected to the left column, under the framework of fucking station pillars composed by the central axis and the right column is connected to the frame, the frame crushes station next frame composition; underside mounted on the beam to wear silk panels ; the central axis of the Ministry, with compression ring and adjusting pLD, equipped with a pressure bearing and the lower tray; fucking station next coat limited beam bracket; boosting package box fitted on the support mechanism crushes station in the box below.


1, top of the tank design, easy installation

2, emergency stop button, stand-alone installation, location, eye-catching, convenient and safe

3, lanyards turning package, the package effort

4, hydraulic drive, complete specifications

Principles and characteristics

Use of brand packer technology, the machine is designed to double the current control circuit, more stable and reliable than ever single circuit control performance, dual circuit control panels allows the machine to reduce internal loLD, runs between packer navigate more stable structure for each circuit. We, as cotton baler manufacturer, superior performance, quality, more reliable, more simple and convenient test debugging and back with a clutch first photoelectric control. The automatic baler works by tension, heat capacity, cutting, gluing complete package. Wide range of professional production plants, regardless of the size of packaging, do not adjust the machine to be packaged, cotton baler is a mechanical structure, some imported cotton baler parts, after the blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust, balers reasonable price.


1. Check the appearance of the equipment is abnormal, if there are security risks around (pole or other foreign items are prohibited in the vicinity of the machine). After confirming normal, open the electric control box load switch, key switch to the open position, unscrew the emergency stop button on the pop, electronic control box power indicator lights.

2, in the bottom of the machine to put a large cardboard, close down the gates, rotating force next door locking fasteners (next door to the last lock a certain force should be locked, because the internal pressure of the machine work, lock is not tight, door security sensors make a gap action to protect the machine stops working).

3. Press the line button and let the pressure in the end portion of the lower pressure rises to the upper head and automatically shut down, air pressure once the head of the pack so that the chain is reset.

4. Open the upper gates will even feed into the machine until it filled and closed the iron gate (must be shut in place, otherwise the safe operation of the photoelectric sensor on the door, the machine can not start).

5. Press the line button, head down, automatically rise back to the upper stop position when the pressure in the end.

6. Repeat 4-5 until the electrical control box on the siren sounded, warning packaged set height has been reached, then the pressure head wrapped and pressed down (if you do not set the package height, strapping advance, hold the down button for 2 seconds, then the machine starts, the pressure head wrap and pressed down, continue to the next step).

7, open the door and down from the rear of the machine to a wire or plastic rope through the indenter and two, respectively, corresponding to wear groove bottom is exposed from the front of the machine, and in front of the machine to expose the two lay knot thread (because expansion pack, not too tight line, leave a margin to prevent breakage), according to the above method put all the lines and tie.

8. Place a tray in front of the machine. The rear of the machine out of the bag chain put pressure inside the head of the pack slot.

9, check out the location of people or objects if the package to confirm safety.

10, press the up button, ram, driven by rising even pack a bag on a tray turn, the package shipped to the specified location display (in the course of the package if there is a dangerous situation in a timely manner upstream release button, the machine immediately stops the pack After exclusion of continuing danger), a work cycle.

12, after work, turn off the key switch, press the emergency stop switch, turn off the load switch.


Pressure not reach

1. Check the hydraulic oil.

2. Check assembled with no slack.

3. Check the pump have no problem.

Solenoid valve does not work

Disassemble clean diesel.


1. Make sure the power used by the machine, do not plug the wrong power supply. The machine uses three-phase four-wire system. Flower wire is the ground zero line for leakage protection.

2. Do not touch the heating plate.

3. Do not rinse the machine, when wet workplace, the operator do not work barefoot.

4. Remember to unplug the machine when not in use.

5. Do not arbitrarily replace parts on the machine.

6. The main parts to be lubricated with oil regularly.


1. cotton baler branch off and run simultaneously with other machines, will not only damage the function of the machine and plugs, sockets excessive heat, there is a danger of fire. Special attention should be ready for your very specialized voltage and capacity of the baler used.

2. packing machine ground and ground terminals must be connected. And ground connection or not fully connected, there is risk of electric shock.

3. Use an extension cord wire cross-sectional area of 0.75m2 less than 10m. Use beyond this range cords, the function will not only damage the machine and plugs, sockets excessive heat may cause the risk of fire.

4. Install or packaged as super, be sure to use gloves, protective glasses, masks. If you do not use, may cause injury or harm to health.

5. using the strap on the object to be packaged. Do not use for other purposes. Refers to the need to be packing material is packaged items. Do not put your hands or body close to the main machine.

6. Do not remove the panel, jackets, doors and other parts when using the machine. When you remove the parts, not only will the machine malfunction, and easily lead to accidents ginseng.

7. Do not modify the device.

8. Do not place the power cord at the channel forklifts, or avoid direct pressure to the power cord and other places. Once the skin is damaged, there is the risk of disconnection.

9. Do not use wet hands pluggable power plug, there is the risk of electric shock.

10. Packaged with water or damp items, there is the risk of electric shock.

11. When not in use balers, must pull the plug socket. Insulation degradation, resulting in electric shock or cause a fire due to leakage.

12. The heating plate at a very high temperature, do not put combustible materials around the machine, there is a fire hazard.

Technical parameters:



Bale size

Bale weight


Power (KW)

Machine weight

Size (mm)


10 Ton

600*400 mm

30-50 KG

4-6 bale/hour


1000 KG



20 Ton

800*600 mm

80-100 KG

4-6 bale/hour


1100 KG



30 Ton

800*600 mm

100-130 KG

4-6 bale/hour


1300 KG



30 Ton

1100*700 mm


4-6 bale/hour


1700 KG



40 Ton

1100*700 mm


4-6 bale/hour


1800 KG



40 Ton

1200*780 mm


4-6 bale/hour


2050 KG



50 Ton

1200*800 mm


4-6 bale/hour

7.5 or 11

2600 KG



60 Ton

1200*800 mm


4-6 bale/hour

11 or 15

2900 KG




1200*800 mm


4-6 bale/hour


3300 KG




1200*800 mm


4-6 bale/hour






1500*1000 mm


4-6 bale/hour

15 or 18.5





1500*1000 mm


4-6 bale/hour




baling machine cardboard baling press machine waste paper baling machine used clothing baling machine baling machine for sale

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baling machine cardboard baling press machine waste paper baling machine used clothing baling machine baling machine for sale



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