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Development trend of drying technology for green leafy vegetables

Development trend of drying technology for green leafy vegetables

Our country is a big green leafy vegetable planting country. Strengthening the research on microwave drying of green leafy vegetable and developing the drying technology with low input and high output can not only greatly increase the added value of green leafy vegetable, enhance the competitiveness of agricultural products, but also promote the development of related industries. Therefore, based on the above research status of green leaf vegetable drying technology, the future development of green leaf vegetable drying technology in China should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) develop new microwave drying equipment for leafy vegetables. With the energy problem becoming increasingly tense, energy saving and emission reduction has gradually become the trend of China's food industry. Developing safe and green renewable energy drying equipment can promote the sustainable development of green leaf vegetable drying industry. In addition, the automatic control technology is widely used in the green leaf vegetable dryer. With the help of temperature and humidity sensors, the green leaf vegetable drying process is automatically controlled to realize the drying process automation.

(2) research on new microwave drying equipment. Determine the combined drying sequence and the moisture content of the conversion point, give full play to the advantages of various drying technologies, while ensuring the quality and output of products, shorten the drying time, save energy, reduce costs.

(3) drying technology based on the characteristics of green leafy vegetables. Stem and leaf drying rates of green leafy vegetables are different, stem drying time is longer, and drying may lead to excessive drying of leaves, affecting product quality, but too few stalks will reduce productivity. Therefore, according to the material characteristics of green leafy vegetables (such as the difference in water content of stems and leaves), it is worthwhile to find a suitable stem-leaf ratio. One step of research. In addition, the dry products of green leafy vegetables are fragile, so the drying process should be optimized to find suitable packaging methods to reduce the fragmentation rate.

(4) drying process optimization of green leafy vegetables based on drying quality. As an important index of food quality identification, the browning and chlorophyll degradation of green leafy vegetables during drying process should be studied in order to provide a theoretical basis for the optimization of processing control.

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