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Research progress in processing technology of letinous edodes chips


Absrtact: In recent years, the nutritional value of Lentinus edodes has gradually attracted the attention of consumers. Lentinus edodes crisps, as a ready-to-eat leisure food similar to the nutritional composition of Lentinus edodes itself, are also widely loved by people.

Research progress in processing technology of letinous edodes chips

In this paper, the production methods of several kinds of mushroom crisp chips used or developed in food industry are discussed. Four processing methods are briefly introduced, including vacuum frying, vacuum freeze-drying, microwave drying equipment and air-flow puffing. At the same time, the application status and the advantages and disadvantages of the processing methods in mushroom crisp industry are also discussed. In this paper, a deep comparison was made to provide theoretical guidance and technical support for the industrialization of mushroom chips.

Keywords: letinous edodes chips microwave drying, vacuum frying, vacuum freeze-drying, air puffing

Lentinus edodes (Berk) Sing, also known as Lentinus edodes (Berk) Sing, is a fungus family. Lentinus edodes (Berk) Sing belongs to Lentinus, Lentinus edodes, Lentinus edodes, Lentinus edodes and Lentinus edodes. Lentinus belongs to Lentinus, Lentinus edodes, Lentinus edodes edodes, Lentinus edodes edodes, Lentinus ed

Letinous edodes has rich nutritional and medicinal value. According to the determination and analysis, in addition to 85%-90% water, the solid contains 19.9% crude protein, 4% crude fat, 67% soluble nitrogen-free substance, 7% crude fiber and 3% ash. In addition, Lentinus edodes not only contains rich vitamin D, but also contains many physiological active ingredients such as lentinan, lentine and ergosterol, which are beneficial to health. Therefore, Lentinus edodes enjoys the reputation of "natural health food", "food of God", "queen of mushrooms" and "king of mushrooms".

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for nutritional leisure food is getting higher and higher. Because of its rich and healthy nutritional value, Lentinus edodes products are gradually favored by people. They are also developing towards environmental protection, naturalization, nutrition and functionalization. Based on this, letinous edodes's natural dehydrated dried snack food came into being. Lentinus edodes crisps is a nutritious leisure food produced by various drying technologies after mushroom selection and color protection. It not only keeps the original nutritional ingredients of Lentinus edodes, but also has a crisp taste, strong aroma and unique taste, which has been widely recognized by consumers.

At present, the main production technologies of mushroom crisps in food industry are vacuum frying, vacuum freeze-drying, vacuum microwave drying, air-flow extrusion drying and so on.

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