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Study on processing technology and quality of ground pepper leaf tea


Study on processing technology and quality of ground pepper leaf tea

Absrtact: In this study, the leaf of ground pepper in Shenmu County of Yulin City was taken as the research object, and the changes of color, aroma and internal quality components of ground pepper leaf tea in the process of spreading, killing, drying and killing were studied. The main results were as follows: through sensory quality evaluation, ground pepper leaf tea was processed. The optimum time for spreading leaf tea is 4 hours. The best method for killing leaf tea by microwave and the best sensory quality of tea samples obtained by microwave drying equipment are ground pepper and leaf tea.

Key words: microwave drying of ground pepper leaf tea; processing technology; microwave; quality

The ground pepper is known as thymus, belonging to the family lip family. The earliest record of Dijiao is Jiahu Materia Medica of Song Dynasty, which records: "Dijiao is hot and mild, and has little toxicity, mainly for the treatment of gonorrhea, explosion, swelling and pain". "Summary of Imperial Materia Medica" records: "ground pepper is warm, spicy, with small toxicity, mainly used for insecticide".

"Gansu Chinese Herbal Medicine Resources Record" records: ground pepper as a wind-dispelling tablet, strong agent, the main treatment of cough, toothache, body pain and sore throat. The ground pepper has a long history of use, and has the value of both medicine and food. The essential oils of Zanthoxylum bungeanum in Yulin area mainly contain carvacrol, thymol, B-aqualene and cymene, etc. The leaves of Zanthoxylum bungeanum in Xinjiang area contain 70 components, among which thymol, r2-terpinene, carvacrol and P2-cymene are higher. At the same time, the contents of volatile oils and their components in different producing areas of Piper chinensis var. sinensis var. sinensis var. sinensis var. sinensis var. sinensis var. sinensis var. sinensis var. sinensi

The ground pepper leaf tea has a strong nutritional and health value for human beings. Dijiao can relieve cough and pain, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory; it can also stop bleeding, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-cancer, dispel wind and relieve surface, stomach cold, treat abdominal distension, body pain, toothache and indigestion. Therefore, the production of the ground pepper leaf tea has good nutrition and health care function. To sum up, the processing technology of leaf tea of ground pepper can effectively utilize the resources of ground pepper in northern Shaanxi, optimize and expand the industrial chain of ground pepper, greatly improve the value of utilization and development of ground pepper, and provide a new case for the development of characteristic plant resources in northern Shaanxi.

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