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Study on Drying Technology of Mei Cai


Study on Drying Technology of Mei Cai

Abstract: Mei is a special product of Guangdong Xizhou. It has the health effects of eliminating stomach, genus and blood pressure, and is deeply loved by the public. At present, the drying process of plum vegetables is mostly white whale drying, and a small part of the application of hot air drying, but its dry quality is relatively poor. This paper reviews the drying technology of Mei to provide benefits for the improvement of Meilai microwave drying equipment. .

Key words: hot air drying; microwave drying of plum vegetables; vacuum freezing

The genus of broccoli and mustard plants is mainly produced in Huizhou, Guangdong. According to the legend, Meixiangu vegetables are the traditional dishes of Guangdong. They are preserved foods. Mei Cai was originally produced in Lingnan. After passing to Beijing, it became a court food, also known as “tribute dish”. So far, the “mecken buckle meat” is still widely used in various restaurants in Beijing. Mei Cai is made by Guangdong locals with fresh mustard, processed by cold, selected, floating salt and other processes. Its color is golden, the aroma is tangy, sweet and refreshing, it is not cold, not dry, not wet, not hot, etc. Features are called.

In the towns and towns centered on Huizhou dwarf, the area of plum cultivation is more than 60,000 mu, and the annual output exceeds 100,000 tons. The area of plum vegetables in the town is about 14,000 mu, and the total output can reach 22,000 tons. The income of vegetables and vegetables accounts for about half of the total agricultural output value and has become the pillar industry of the town.

The nutritional value of plum vegetables has the health benefits of stomach, digestion, blood pressure reduction and lipid-lowering. It has been recognized by the US Food Administration and is designated as “natural health food”. After testing by the Testing Center of South China Agricultural University, it found that its composition is: sugar 5.7%, protein 5.6%, and contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids and zinc, magnesium, potassium and other seven kinds of essential elements of the human body; zinc in human growth and development, Reproductive genetics, immunity, endocrine and other important physiological processes play an extremely important role; magnesium plays an important role in regulating cardiac activity; potassium can regulate the intracellular osmotic pressure and the acid-base balance of body fluids, and participate in intracellular Metabolism of sugar and protein.

The traditional method of plum vegetables is divided into three parts: the vegetable core, the vegetable slice and the coarse leaf. Among them, the vegetable core is tender and yellow, and the flavor is the top grade. The taste is sweet and crisp. It can not only cook, but also has the effects of cooling off heat and relieving heat. Therefore, in the hot summer season or the season when the vegetables are not green, people especially like to use the plum vegetables to make the best food, and to promote the large-scale production of the plum vegetables in the winter, sowing and cultivating before harvesting the late rice, after finishing the late rice. Plant the seedlings for about a month.

From the beginning of planting, watering should be done every day for the first week. From the second week, it can be irrigated every two days. The growth period of fertilized leeks in each section is about 80 days, waiting for the vegetable core to grow to 10-15. After the cents, you can harvest. When harvesting the plum vegetables, first harvest the plum vegetables, then put them on a wide flat land to dry the sun naturally; use a knife to cut each dish into a vegetable core protruding and showing a piece of continuous adult shape. Then naturally dry for a day, put the dish into the cement magic pool, put a layer of vegetables, then add a layer of salt, use the foot to step on the real, and finally use the big stone to hold the sputum, take it out after 3 days, put it on the grass or the sun valley ping Drying, drying every morning, collecting at night, adding salt regularly, drying the dish to 70% dry, golden brown, you can eat.

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