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Research progress on drying technology of Cantonese sausage


Absrtact: Cantonese sausage is a traditional meat product in China. Because of its unique flavor and taste, it is loved by people. In recent years, the quality and safety of Cantonese sausage has attracted more and more attention, and related research has become increasingly extensive and in-depth. However, the microwave drying equipment of Cantonese sausage is still relatively backward, which restricts the development of industry.

Key words: sausage microwave drying; drying technology; food processing technology

This paper mainly introduces the research progress of traditional and modern drying technology of Cantonese sausage, and provides reference for future research. As a typical representative of Chinese traditional meat products, Cantonese sausage has a long history of production and unique flavor.

As a kind of Chinese semi-dry fermented sausage, it is made of fresh pork, salt, sugar, wine and other auxiliary materials, through curing, pouring, drying or baking processes, and its meat is red and white, lustrous; the intestine is dry and round, with natural wrinkles on the surface, and the cut surface is tightly organized; the salty and sweet taste is coordinated, and it has the mellow and normal salted flavor after mixing sugar, wine and meat 。

Overseas studies on traditional meat products in China are relatively few, mainly focusing on the analysis of product quality characteristics. Dr. Liepe of West Germany has systematically determined and analyzed the physicochemical and microbiological properties of Cantonese sausage products. Du et al. used dynamic headspace and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to analyze the flavor compounds in Cantonese sausage.

Research progress on drying technology of Cantonese sausage

From the existing literature, the domestic research on Cantonese sausage mainly focused on the search for new curing agents, chromogenic agents, analysis of physical and chemical changes in the processing process and lipid oxidation, but the research on drying technology of Cantonese sausage is relatively less. And the sausage processing process "three-point production, seven-point baking", drying technology is a key link. This paper summarizes the development of drying technology of Cantonese sausage.

Microwave drying makes use of molecular vibration heat in electromagnetic field to raise material temperature and achieve drying effect. Microwave drying equipment can heat both inside and outside the material at the same time, which can raise the temperature quickly and shorten the drying time, and is not affected by weather conditions.

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