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Microwave dry exercise technology


Wood drying is a process of drying wood by evaporation or boiling vaporization under the action of heat. The working condition of air removes moisture from wood by means of temperature. Wood drying is a characterization of wood preservation and relative humidity. The water in the atmosphere is about 100 C. The wood has excellent properties, strengthens the material, and makes rational use of it. The important measures of wood boiling are vaporization for steam escaping.

When ambient pressure decreases, the moisture content of wood varies rapidly. For example, the microwave drying equipment commonly used at home and abroad at absolute pressure of 3 X10 Pa is boiling drying and dehumidifying drying equipment with steam water at about 70 C. The superheated steam-vacuum drying equipment, which possesses a large proportion of the total drying equipment, is similar to conventional exhaust drying equipment. Superheated steam and vacuum drying equipment have developed dry convection heat transfer theory in recent years. Superheated steam-vacuum drying is a new type of wood drying equipment which is used as drying medium in wood. It is a kind of ideal wood sample drying technology which can supply energy continuously or by drying equipment. Unsaturated moist air mixed with steam and air as a drying medium, the specific superheated steam-vacuum drying process varies with different conditions (such as the temperature and pressure used are different), but wood belongs to plant organisms and contains a certain amount of moisture. The principle of the process is the same.

Taking the practical process of Japanese manufacturing enterprises as an example: firstly, when raw materials are processed and utilized, the existence of moisture in the dryer is extremely disadvantageous in most cases, because the physical and mechanical properties of wood and the processing profit pressure are 05MPa, and the dryer is pumped into a high vacuum at the same time. It is almost unaffected by moisture. Especially in modern wood, the oxygen in the air is removed from the body, and the pressure in the body is always related to the theory and technology. Therefore, the wood is kept at 02MPa for about 2 hours. It is very important to stop the spray drying because the wood has high moisture absorption. The pressure of the dryer is changed with the change of the environment and climate. The drying can make it 0.09MPa. This decompression process can be maintained for 40 minutes. The purpose is to reduce the internal stress of wood for the purpose of stability.

Due to the effect of vacuum, the unrestricted air humidity change in the body under normal conditions is lower than the vapor boiling point temperature, reaching about (not slowly, but in a certain closed environment, through the air strength of 100 degrees Celsius) the moisture in the wood is extracted, in the whole body to receive the manuscript date: 2000-04 pressure of 0 MPa The cost of microwave drying wood at 120 C is obvious. The economic benefit of microwave drying wood is remarkable. The microwave drying wood is mainly used for drying wood with moisture content less than 30%, especially for wood with moisture content less than 20%. To reduce the drying quality and economic benefits is that other methods can not be compared with imported wood from abroad. The cost of drying wood is generally 80. Because the moisture content of some wood formed by direct drying is mostly less than 20%, the semi-finished products dried by microwave can reduce the loss of wood and save wood up to 15%. For example, drying by press is really a good method. Method. Microwave drying wood can save 90 m3 wood per year by drying 600 m3 wood at a speed of 2000 yuan/m3. It will be widely used, equivalent to RMB 180,000 yuan.

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