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Application prospect of microwave drying wood


Microwave drying equipment is mainly used for drying wood with moisture content less than $"%, especially wood with moisture content less than -%. Its drying quality and economic benefits are incomparable with other methods. Because it can be directly dried to form semi-finished products, it reduces wood consumption and saves wood.

The dry value of some valuable timber is more obvious and its economic benefit is very significant. Nowadays, the state strongly advocates protecting the ecological environment, saving energy, reducing pollution, and improving the utilization rate of energy. It is not only related to the sustainable development of environmental protection and national economy, but also a big problem for future generations to leave resources. Therefore, microwave drying of wood will have broad application prospects.

Inside and outside the industry.
Market prospect of solid wood flooring in China
After the SARS epidemic, the domestic economy has entered the stage of sustainable development again. The construction of Olympic venues and the real estate boom has entered a warming period, and the wood flooring market has also become active. Among them, the "green", "natural" and "environmental protection" factors of solid wood flooring are more favored by consumers in big cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Experts in the industry predict that the sales of solid wood flooring will be around 100 million 0& this year. From this, the demand for blank material for solid wood flooring will increase significantly. China's wood floor production and sales in the world are among the top, so the wood floor blank market development prospects are very broad.

At present, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and the whole East China are the biggest sales markets of solid wood flooring in China, so the scale of the blank market in these cities and regions is also the most impressive. Representatively, after China's accession to the WTO, many foreign timber enterprises have built factories or injected funds in these areas, which makes the competition in China's wood floor blank market increasingly fierce, and the risk also increases.

After several years of integration, many small and medium-sized enterprises with weak strength and insufficient funds have been eliminated from the production industry of wood flooring blanks in China, which has formed a tremendous potential with foreign businessmen. In addition to a few large-scale state-owned enterprises, some powerful joint ventures, sole proprietorship or private enterprises have come to help. Obviously, in today's and next year's woodwork blank market competition, the decisive factors, nothing but funds, sources of goods, quality, price and service and so on. Overseas wood flooring enterprises in China have advantages in the first two elements, while domestic enterprises take the lead in the latter two elements. Therefore, in the future, the market of wood floor blank will be spelled out in one of the elements of "quality".

The outlook of the woodwork blank market is attractive and the competition is cruel. But for Chinese consumers with increasing incomes, the fiercer the market competition is, it means that the woodwork varieties will be more and more abundant, the quality will be better and better, and the price will be more and more reasonable.

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