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Industrial application of microwave drying technology


With the continuous development of society, China's industry and agriculture are also making progress, and microwave drying equipment is becoming more and more mature, and it plays an indispensable role in the development of industry and agriculture.

The advantage of microwave drying technology is that microwave drying greatly reduces the heating time compared with the traditional drying method, and the microwave has strong penetrability and higher thermal efficiency. For this reason, microwave drying can evenly heat the dried object. .

Not only that, the microwave sterilization ability is stronger, meets the requirements of modern food hygiene, and the time is short, no professional operation is required, and the labor intensity of workers can be reduced, and it is more suitable for mass production of food processing plants. For example, in real life, seasoning manufacturers and manufacturers of ceramics have integrated microwave drying technology into actual production.

Red wheat bran microwave drying

Compared with microwave drying technology, some traditional drying methods use external heat to dry red wheat bran. After the evenly spread wheat bran surface absorbs heat, the whole is dried by heat conduction, and the drying speed and heating temperature are In contrast, too high temperature will cause excessive loss of nutrients in wheat bran, and it is labor intensive for workers, and the drying and sterilization effect is poor.

Industrial application of microwave drying technology

Compared with the microwave drying technology, these problems are completely avoided. Since the microwave drying uses the electromagnetic wave to make the wheat bran itself a heating element for drying, not only the drying time of the wheat bran is reduced, but also the labor intensity of the worker is greatly reduced, and the microwave is also reduced. The drying technology reduces the heating time, reduces the loss of moisture in the wheat bran, ensures the content of the wheat glutamate, and greatly prolongs the shelf life of the wheat bran.

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