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Analysis of application status of microwave drying technology in food industry


Application of microwave drying equipment in aquatic products
Aquatic products are not only seasonal, but also difficult to store during transportation, and the transportation cost is high, and microwave drying technology effectively solves these problems. Microwave-treated products are easy to eat, easy to store, and do not require refrigeration, and also significantly reduce the cost of shipping aquatic products.

Analysis of application status of microwave drying technology in food industry

For example, we eat dried rice in our daily life, dry seaweed, etc., but these applications are traditional drying methods, although hot air drying and vacuum drying can retain the properties of some foods, but can not preserve aquatic products. Freshness, the same drying time is too long, and the heat transfer rate is slow. Although vacuum freeze-drying solves these problems, the equipment has large investment capital and high production cost. After microwave drying, not only the expansion property is improved, but also the product shrinkage is small. Due to the faster drying time of the microwave, the dried aquatic product has better taste and freshness, and the product has a very high rehydration.

Combining the above points, we analyze the application status of microwave drying technology in the food industry, and the microwave drying technology is now relatively mature.

In the food industry, the maturity of microwave drying technology has solved the problems in the food industry. The application of microwave drying technology in the food industry has achieved remarkable results. The importance of drying equipment in China has also increased. The variety of drying equipment has increased. The more diversified, the wider the scope of application, the quality of products has been greatly improved, directly affecting people's lives, and constantly improve people's quality of life, and researchers of microwave technology should always pay attention to the development of microwave drying technology. In the process of development, we must also find problems in time and make changes, strive to improve the application of microwave drying technology in the food industry, continuously improve the production level of the food industry, and raise the food industry of our country to a new height. .

Food microwave drying technology has become one of the important research objects in our country, and related research reports are also increasing. Compared with countries with relatively mature microwave drying technology, although microwave drying technology started late in our country, it is also frequent. The innovation is high and has achieved a lot of results.

At present, the application range of microwave drying technology in China is still too narrow, microwave drying equipment still needs to be increased, and the types of microwave drying equipment are increased, so that it can be applied to production in various fields that need to be applied in time, and solved in microwave drying technology. The existing problems are one of the key issues we will study in the future. We will speed up the research on microwave technology, improve the microwave drying technology at an early date, and make microwave drying a new technology that is more widely used in our national food industry. .

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