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Experiment of drying scorpion by microwave method


Abstract In this paper, advanced microwave drying equipment was used to carry out exploratory experiments on drying methods, methods, conditions and effects of fresh hazelnuts. The results showed that microwave drying with hazelnuts is a good method with short time, high efficiency and easy control.

Keywords: hazelnut microwave drying

Brassica plant, deciduous shrub, about 1m high, stems short thorns, leaves alternate or clustered on short branches, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, mature fruit ovoid, red. Wolfberry contains carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C and other vitamins and niacin required eye, Ca, P, Fe, and other mineral elements and β- sitosterol, linoleic acid and the like.

If you can eat scorpion and its processed products regularly, it can improve the nutrition of the eye and strengthen the prevention of eye diseases for the middle school students who are very busy in the current school and have very common myopia. For ease of processing and consumption, the tweezers should be dried immediately after harvesting for storage and transportation.

Hazelnuts contain a lot of water and are not easy to store after harvesting. The method of natural drying is often affected by the weather and the surrounding environment. It not only has a long drying time, but also has a poor degree of drying. Moreover, under the harsh weather conditions, some of the collected hazelnuts will rot due to untimely drying, affecting the product. Quality and yield.

Experiment of drying scorpion by microwave method

Microwave drying is a new technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. During the drying process, microwaves penetrate into the material and interact with the polar molecules of the material to convert it into heat energy, so that the various parts in the dry material get heat at the same instant and heat up. Therefore, it has the advantages of high heating speed, high energy utilization rate, high drying efficiency, and large-scale microwave processing equipment is rapidly developing. To this end, this study used microwave method to dry the picked hazelnuts, and conducted regular experiments and discussions on the methods, methods, conditions, effects and drying efficiency of fresh hazelnut microwave drying.

Through experiments, it is shown that the microwave heating method can fully meet the requirements of dry tweezers, and has the advantages of short drying time and high drying efficiency, which is beneficial to maintain the quality and color of the tweezers, and the dry products are easy to transport and store.

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