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Effect of Different Drying Methods on the Quality of Tibetan Pork


Effect of Different Drying Methods on the Quality of Tibetan Pork

Abstract Tibetan pork was used as raw material, microwave drying equipment and hot air drying were used to process dried pork. The sensory evaluation was carried out by tissue state, color and flavor, as well as the detection of water content, total bacteria and the effect on storage. The effect of the process on the quality of Tibetan pork. Experimental studies have shown that microwave dried meat is more beautiful and chewable than hot air dried meat. At 37 °C, after 30 days storage, it shows good storage stability.

Key words : Tibetan pig; dried pork microwave drying

Tibetan pigs are rare pigs that have been stocked for a long time at high altitudes. They mainly live in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau agricultural area and semi-agricultural and semi-pastoral areas at an altitude of 2 500 to 4 300 m. The altitude is highly adaptable. Tibetan pigs live in Linzhi, Shannan, Changdu, Lhasa in Tibet, Aba and Ganzi in Sichuan, Gannan in Gansu and Diqing in Yunnan, mainly in forests and river valleys.

Tibetan pork meat is tender and delicious, rich in essential nutrients such as essential amino acids and essential minerals. At the same time, because it lives in virgin forests and river valleys, it has natural and pollution-free characteristics and is being consumed by more and more consumers. Favor.

Tibetan pork has preserved most of the nutrition of Tibetan pork. The unique taste of Tibetan pork is more intense and chewy. The production process of the traditional dried meat is a dried meat product prepared by pre-cooking, cutting, adding spices, seasonings and drying the lean meat. However, the traditional dried meat will cause some loss of nutrients during the cooking process. At the same time, due to the relatively long drying and dehydration time, the muscles are not heated uniformly, resulting in the appearance of dried meat.

Microwave heating has the advantages of fast heating speed, short heating time, uniform heat of meat and so on, and is widely used in food enterprises and households. Compared with the traditional dried meat drying method, the microwave heating drying efficiency is high, and the nutrient composition and the original color, fragrance and taste of the Tibetan pig are well maintained.

In this study, microwave drying was used, and the obtained products were compared with traditional hot air drying products in terms of color, tenderness, sensory evaluation and storage resistance, and a better drying method was obtained to provide reference for the development of dried pork products.

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