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Experimental study on microwave drying of letinous edodes


The temperature distribution is high inside and low outside. This distribution makes the internal heat and moisture conductivity enhanced and the internal water diffusion speed greatly accelerated, which leads to the rapid increase of microwave drying speed to ensure the quality of dry products.

When using microwave drying equipment to control the material temperature as the best 3 microwave drying Lentinus edodes better technological experiment control the temperature of the joint of the handle and pleat of Lentinus edodes in the drying process, the former temperature, the latter temperature and the conversion moisture content as three factors, according to L, orthogonal experiment was carried out, and the influence law of three factors on the appearance quality and water loss rate was obtained.

The main and secondary effects on the quality were: late temperature, conversion moisture content and pre-temperature (ANOVA) were not significant; the better combination was: early 40C, late 35C, conversion moisture content 200%. The main and secondary effects of mass score 35.5 on the water loss rate were: early temperature (more significant), conversion moisture content (less significant) and post-moisture content (less significant). Period temperature (not significant)

Mushroom and microwave drying equipmentThe inner temperature of the mushroom is higher than that of the mushroom surface at the beginning and the end of the drying process (microwave penetration is very strong); the surface temperature of the mushroom surface is always higher than that of the mushroom surface during the hot air drying process (by conduction heat transfer), until the end of the drying process tends to be consistent. The surface temperature (far infrared has a certain penetrability) until the end.

The surface and interior temperatures of the dried mushroom door tend to be stable in the last stage of drying by hot air and far infrared, and the temperature of the dried mushroom door tends to rise after 800 600 4 OO p02.4.3 000. The quality of the dried mushroom door is better than that of the dried mushroom door by microwave drying. Table 3 Microwave and hot air, far-infrared 1000-drying Lentinus edodes dry way to preserve the book%) the total time of the early 0C, late 55C, conversion content 200 far-infrared early 60C, late 55C, conversion humidity contains the most early 45C, late 65C, conversion content 150 quality, hot air drying best, microwave drying and hot air almost the same, far-infrared drying the most times; When the wave is dried, it can be greatly shortened; the V preservation rate is the highest when microwave drying is the highest, and the hot wind is the lowest.

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