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Chinese herbal medicine drying status


Chinese herbal medicine drying status

[Abstract] The drying of Chinese herbal medicine is the primary link in the processing of Chinese herbal medicine, which determines the quality of Chinese herbal medicine. According to the relevant ancient literature and the research papers and results of Chinese herbal medicine drying technology in recent years, the traditional drying methods of Chinese herbal medicine and modern drying technology were summarized and summarized, and the problems in the drying of Chinese herbal medicine were discussed. In view of the relationship between the odor and the medicinal substances appearing in the microwave drying equipment, the medicinal effect components in the drying technology are lost, and the microwave drying based on odor detection in the past two years can solve this problem.

[Key words] Chinese herbal medicine microwave drying; medicinal substances; modern drying technology; odor detection

Chinese herbal medicine is an important part of China's traditional Chinese medicine treasure house, and has been playing an important role in human health for thousands of years. Due to its natural, toxic and side effects, Chinese herbal medicine has long been a significant advantage in the treatment of difficult and chronic diseases, and has gradually moved to the world in recent years. At present, China's Chinese herbal medicine products are also exported to more than 130 countries and regions, and about 4 billion people use Chinese herbal medicines and their preparations. After harvesting, Chinese herbal medicines, except for a few varieties for fresh medicinal purposes, need to be dried for storage.

In "Materia Medica", "Where the medicine storage should be guarded, if the dry, dry, and dry are not wet, the erosion of the scale will be inevitable", which means that the drying is the most common and most important Chinese herbal medicine after harvesting. The processing steps, the drying process is an important link affecting the quality and economic value of Chinese herbal medicines, and the drying effect directly affects the use, quality and appearance of the products. In order to ensure the quality of Chinese herbal medicines, it is necessary to study the deterioration of the efficacy and the cause of the disease in a scientific and serious attitude when drying Chinese herbal medicines, so as to select different drying methods and drying conditions for different herbs.

At present, the research on the drying of Chinese herbal medicine, the theory of drying system is not deep, the process design is simple, and the research on the characteristics of the medicine itself has not been solved. Therefore, the traditional drying methods and modern drying techniques of Chinese herbal medicines were reviewed and summarized, in order to provide reference for the future development of Chinese herbal medicine drying.

In the traditional quality evaluation system of Chinese herbal medicine, odor is a very important evaluation index. The odor reflects the chemical composition of Chinese herbal medicine and affects the curative effect of Chinese herbal medicine. It is an important basis for Chinese herbal medicine formula. In recent years, the proposed microwave drying technology based on odor detection has been developed. Z.Li is used for the drying process of apples and carrots, and is dried by odor detection method. Using fuzzy control, a suitable drying curve is obtained.

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