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Effect of Different Drying Methods on Mutton Dry and Its Research


Abstract The mutton dried by constant temperature drying, frying and drying and microwave drying equipment, by measuring its pH, water activity, tenderness and chromatic aberration, and using high performance liquid phase to check the biotin species of mutton dried after three drying methods. And content, compare the effects of three drying methods on the quality of mutton dry.

Effect of Different Drying Methods on Mutton Dry and Its Research

The results showed that the water activity after constant temperature drying was significantly lower than the other two groups (p<0.05); the shear force of mutton dry was significantly higher than the other two groups (p<0.01); the color e value and histamine and tyramine The content was significantly lower than the other two groups (p<0.01). It can be seen that the constant drying of the lamb can quickly reduce the AW of the mutton, improve the hardness of the mutton dry, and make the color of the mutton dry more rosy and better in quality.

Key words´╝Ü mutton dry microwave drying; physical and chemical indicators; biogenic amine

Mutton is a traditional medicine and food, nutritious and characteristic meat food. Because of its rich nutrition, it is a low-fat, low-cholesterol and high-protein nutritious food, rich in vitamins needed by the human body, so it is favored and loved by consumers at home and abroad.

Chinese medicine believes that: mutton warmth, qi and nourishing yin, warming the kidney, appetizing spleen, benefiting the labor. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality, multi-nutrient meat products and their safety. The resulting mutton dried meat inherits the nutrient-rich characteristics of the mutton and is gradually recognized and relied on by consumers.

Dried meat is a traditional Chinese meat product. Beef jerks have a long history in China. As early as Genghis Khan established the Mongol Empire, Mongolian cavalry and beef jerky had an indissoluble bond, only to drink, or to slaughter sheep for food.

With the continuous development and advancement of modern technology, sheep's lean meat can be made by pre-cooking, seasoning, re-cooking, dehydration and drying, etc. Nowadays, it has attractive color, rich nutrition, unique flavor, storage resistance, convenient and deep consumption. A dried meat product that is loved by consumers. However, the raw meat is a protein-rich food. When the meat is dried, high temperature treatment will form a kind of carcinogenic and mutagenic substance, biogenic amine.

In order to determine the quality and disadvantages of three different drying methods by measuring the quality of mutton dried and the biogenic amines produced by three different drying methods, it provides theoretical support for future industrial production.

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