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Using processing technology to improve the quality of low-grade tea


Abstract:Abstract: This paper briefly introduced the characteristics of low-grade tea raw materials, and then proceed from the microwave drying equipment is different, summed up the past research progress in improving the utilization of low quality of tea processing technology.

Key words: processing technology; microwave drying tea; quality

With the improvement of living standards, people are satisfied with the daily food and clothing for the better at the same time, more and more attention to quality of life. The tea as a kind of products essential to people's lives, the quality of people have paid more attention to. High-grade tea with good quality was praised by the majority of consumers, but this has caused a "selling high-grade tea, low-grade tea unsalable situation.

Using processing technology to improve the quality of low-grade tea

More high-grade tea is made of spring picking tender raw materials, short production time, low yield, unable to meet the needs of the market, and the tea is expensive, sometimes to consumers. Low-grade tea mainly refers to the summer tea and made tea coarse raw materials, although the price is low, but the quality is poor, therefore cannot be recognized in the market. Data show that in the spring the famous Green Tea production accounted for 20% of the tea production, the output value of industry accounted for 80% of total output.

The summer tea has a great appreciation of space. There are studies confirmed that the efficacy of rich in tea polyphenols and tea has obvious antioxidant, antimutagenic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, making full use of low-grade raw materials, through processing of raw materials on the measures to change the defects, good quality, is of great significance.

Zuoqing divided into shaking and static part two. In the process of shaking in the collision, friction between the leaves and the leaves, the leaves and the shaking machine, causing leaf margin cell damage, tea polyphenols oxidase and contact oxidation reaction, formation characteristics of green and red edge, with unique fruit flavor formation. Shaking after standing, in order to promote the uniform distribution of water.

The most important process is unique Zuoqing process, Oolong Tea. Coarse leaf water content is low, the content of tea polyphenol oxidase activity is low, weak, so in Zuoqing process, the weight should be appropriate to increase the shaking, leaf tissue damage rate, enhancing enzyme activity, promote oxidative changes of inclusions, well be appropriate hair standing, filling hair coarse dispersion green can also be appropriate to prevent excessive loss of water.

In addition, in the early Green Tea system, appropriate application Oolong Tea Zuoqing technique has greatly improved the quality of tea art, in imitation of green process, decrease the content of tea polyphenol, amino acid content increased, reduce the bitter taste of tea, wells and low boiling point volatile aromatic substances ring with green gas, and has the total aroma fragrance high boiling point, gradually accumulate, thereby improving the aroma of Green Tea.

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